Bulgaria: Demonstrators present head of government Boiko Borissow resignation ultimatum

They threaten to blockade the parliament in Sofia: demonstrators critical of the government have called on Prime Minister Borissow to resign immediately.

An ultimatum should force Boiko Borissow and his government in Bulgaria to give up: After more than a month of protests critical of the government, demonstrators have called on the prime minister to resign immediately. They threatened to block the parliament in Sofia during a special session this Thursday in order to enforce his resignation.

In order to emphasize their demand, the demonstrators also wanted to demonstrate in front of the German embassy on Wednesday. Berlin holds the EU Council Presidency until the end of 2020. In the EU Parliament, Borisov’s party GERB belongs to the European People’s Party, as do the CDU and CSU, and for weeks the demonstrators have been accusing the coalition cabinet, which has been in power since May 2017, of acting like a mafia, tolerating corruption and depending on oligarchs (read an analysis here). Many young people take part in the protests, especially in the capital. There are also quite a few supporters of the pro-European conservative-liberal bloc Democratic Bulgaria, which is not represented in parliament.

Demonstrators again occupied the large street crossing at the Sofia University during the night of Wednesday. They occupied three important traffic junctions of the capital, where they blocked the passage with tents, park benches, garbage containers and flower boxes. Several public transport lines had to be diverted. A motorcade blocked traffic east of Sofia on the motorway leading from Belgrade to Istanbul and the demonstrators are supported by President Rumen Radew, who is close to the opposition pro-Russian Socialist Party (BSP, ex-KP). The BSP is also calling for new elections; in fact there should be a regular parliamentary election in March 2021.

Image source: https://bit.ly/31K1Qeb

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