Facebook bans “Zwarte Piet” from platforms

It is “unacceptable that people feel discriminated against by certain reports and do not feel safe,” Facebook said. Stereotypical portrayals of the controversial Santa Claus helper “Zwarte Piet” are from now on forbidden.

The controversial Dutch Santa Claus helper “Zwarte Piet” may no longer be shown in stereotypical form on Facebook and Instagram. This was announced by the company as part of the new house rules, which are intended to counteract racism and anti-Semitism.

The inadmissible stereotypes include Facebook black make-up, thick lips and a frizzy hair wig. Photos, drawings or videos that do not comply with these guidelines can be removed from the platforms by Facebook if they are reported in advance.

Facebook also announced that it would take action against any discriminatory cartoons of minorities: Be it through “blackfacing” or the dehumanisation of Jews by using the cliché of the all-powerful influence of politics, business and the media, Facebook finds it unacceptable that people feel discriminated against and not safe by certain reports,” said a company statement. And: “Sinterklaas is a celebration for everyone.”

Sinterklaas is the name of St. Nicholas in the Netherlands and Belgium, who is accompanied by the cheerful black-painted helpers during his performances. “Zwarte Piet” has been under criticism for yearsFor years there has been a fierce dispute in the Netherlands about the “Zwarte Piet”. For many Dutch people, especially black people, the presentation of the Piet is racist. Traditionally, the St. Nicholas helpers appear at the public parades in winter with black faces, a wig, thickly painted lips and a colourful fantasy costume.

Image source: https://bit.ly/3aipG4U

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