Corona demo: “These are lives they play with”

What should have been different? After the Corona protest in Berlin with 20,000 participants, not only politicians are horrified. Patient protectors demand tougher action.

The demonstration against the government\’s pandemic measures in Berlin has caused horror among politicians. “The worst thing of all”, said Berlin\’s governing mayor Michael Mueller (SPD), “they simply do not take note of what the facts are and really risk the health of other people. This is a big risk and these are lives they are playing with.” A few hours earlier, police had broken up the anti-Corona demonstration in the center of Berlin on Saturday. The reason: violations of the current hygiene regulations. Hardly any of the approximately 20,000 participants wore a mask, and hardly any of the participants observed the rules of distance.

The Berlin police needed patience until the participants had really left the Straße des 17. Among the demonstrators were right-wing radicals, Reich citizens, but also families and self-appointed democracy defenders. 18 officers were injured during the operation.


And CSU leader Markus Söder also warned that many had unfortunately become more reckless in dealing with the virus. “This includes the extreme loosers and conspiracy theorists who want to lift all measures as quickly as possible.” Anyone who underestimated the corona virus had been disproved. The second wave is practically here already: “It\’s creeping through Germany.”

The German Foundation for Patient Protection called for tougher action against demonstrators who disregarded rules during the pandemic. “Apparently, public order offices and the police are increasingly looking the other way to prevent things from escalating,” said foundation director Eugen Brysch. “Also, fewer people dare to point out to their counterparts that there is no protection against infection.” This would create “lawless areas and the infection rate would rise”.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach also agreed with this. On Twitter he pleaded for an increase in fines, adding: “Anyone who has ever seen a person on a ventilator fighting for his life cannot accept such uninformed, reckless and self-righteous behaviour.

Not only did the demonstrators deny or accept that the march through Berlin could increase the number of infections, they also attacked journalists. The video of ZDF presenter Dunja Hayali, which she uploaded to Instagram, is an example of what reporters experienced on site. The film is 37 minutes long and uncut. A cameraman from the RBB evening show was even spat on.

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