Poland: Supreme Court rejects appeal against presidential election

[“Andrzej Duda is the legitimately elected President of Poland. This is the view of the country’s Supreme Court, which rejected the complaint of challenger Rafal Trzaskowski. “]
[“The recently re-elected President of Poland, the national conservative Andrzej Duda, is also the legitimately elected President. This is the view of the country’s Supreme Court, which rejected a complaint by the opposition against the extremely close result of the run-off vote on 12 July. This means that nothing now stands in the way of Duda being sworn in for his second term in office on Thursday. “]

After the narrow defeat of its candidate Rafal Trzaskowski against Duda, the opposition Civic Platform PO filed a complaint against the election results. The reason given was that Duda had had the “entire state apparatus” as support.

Complaints about the validity of the vote were not sufficient to annul the result, decided the highest judges. 92 of the complaints brought forward were justified, but these irregularities had had no influence on the election result. Complaints by the election campaign team of the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafal Trzaskowski, were not sufficiently substantiated with regard to time and place. Many voters abroad have stated that they were unable to vote because their postal voting documents arrived too late.

In the second round of voting, the incumbent had won the election by a very narrow margin of a good two percentage points over Trzaskowski. According to official results, Duda had received 51.03 percent of the votes on 12 July, and Trzaskowski had received 48.97 percent.

Among other things, the PO complained about irregularities in the voting process. In addition, it accused the public TV station TVP of bias in favor of Duda, who is close to the ruling PiS party.

Election observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) also criticized biased reporting on public television. They spoke of “homophobic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric”.

Image source: https://bit.ly/2BSgK9l

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