US ministers in Taiwan: China warns Washington against “playing with fire”

Will Taiwan become a second Hong Kong? Beijing takes the visit of US Health Minister Azar to the island as a clear threat.

Health Secretary Alex Azar is, according to the U.S. government, the highest-ranking representative of the United States to visit the government of Taiwan since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing in 1979. But China does not like the minister’s visit to the island.

Beijing warned Washington about a “game of fire”. China is against any official exchange between the US and Taiwan, “under any pretext whatsoever,” said a spokesman for the State Department. Addressing the Taiwanese leadership, he said that the pursuit of independence was “a dead end”: Beijing considers the island of Taiwan, located south of mainland China, as a breakaway province that is to be reunited with the People’s Republic, with military force if necessary. While the Chinese leadership and Washington have moved further and further apart in recent years, Taiwan’s relations with the USA have improved considerably.

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