Cottbus: Car of Cottbus Green politician demolished

In the car of a Cottbus city councillor the tyres were slashed and the windows smashed. The Green politician is assuming a targeted attack.

In Cottbus, unknown persons have attacked the car of local politician Barbara Domke. “Tonight they smashed the windows on our family car and punctured all the tyres,” the Green politician wrote on Twitter. Photos showed the demolished car.

The police confirmed that a corresponding crime was reported before midnight. According to the Lausitzer Rundschau, the police initiated a search for the perpetrators – without success at first. According to this, the criminal police state security is also involved in the investigation.

As reported by rbb|24, the news service of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Domke himself is assuming a targeted attack. “The police think she hasn\’t experienced anything like this since the 1990s,” she wrote on Twitter. Right-wing structures have become increasingly entrenched in Cottbus in recent years, Domke added.

She appealed: “Now it is even more important to intensify the fight against neo-Nazis and the New Right and to continue it even more actively. According to rbb, the city council has been campaigning against right-wing extremism for years.

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