US troop withdrawal from Germany: USA sends 1,000 additional soldiers to Poland

The USA is increasing the number of its soldiers in Poland to 5,500, after the United States had previously announced that it was withdrawing troops from Germany.

In the course of the partial withdrawal of soldiers from Germany, the USA has confirmed to increase its troops in Poland by 1,000 soldiers. The number of US soldiers deployed in Poland via rotations will be increased from the current 4,500 to 5,500, the US Department of Defense announced. The basis is a new agreement that “cements” the defense partnership between the two countries.

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak had said on Friday that the USA would transfer “at least” 1,000 US soldiers to Poland. Two days earlier, the USA had announced the withdrawal of almost 12,000 soldiers from Germany. Part of the troops are to return to the USA, part is to be transferred to other European countries.

With regard to the 1,000 soldiers to Poland, the USA does not speak of a permanent stationing, but of a rotation. The soldiers are not accompanied by their families. In 1997, NATO had promised Russia to renounce a permanent and extensive stationing of troops in Eastern Europe.

[“The withdrawal of US troops from Germany had triggered criticism on both sides of the Atlantic. US Defense Minister Mark Esper affirms that the reorganization of the armed forces in Europe would strengthen NATO and the deterrence against Russia. US President Donald Trump, however, justifies the partial withdrawal from Germany primarily with what he considers to be Germany’s too low defense spending. “]

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