Gianni Infantino : Criminal proceedings opened against Fifa President

Gianni Infantino continues to come under pressure: Swiss justice sees signs of criminal behaviour due to secret meetings with the head of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland.
[“The Swiss public prosecutor’s office has opened criminal proceedings against the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino. The case involves secret meetings between the head of the world football association and the head of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Michael Lauber, according to the supervisory authority over the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Bern. A senior public prosecutor who was also present at the meetings is also being charged. “]

This puts Infantino under further pressure a good year after his re-election as Fifa president. At the beginning of June, the world association had rejected all accusations against the 50-year-old. Infantino “certainly did nothing wrong by meeting Mr. Lauber. It is not an offence to meet the Federal Prosecutor and such meetings are not unusual. Gianni Infantino\’s motivation was to offer the Swiss authorities all the support they could get,” it was said at the time.

Criminal proceedings are now also to be opened against Lauber. However, he will remain in office until the end of January 2021 and is therefore protected from prosecution. For this reason, the specially appointed extraordinary public prosecutor requested the parliament to waive his immunity.

“He (the extraordinary public prosecutor) concludes that there are indications of criminal behaviour in connection with the meetings of Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber with the President of Fifa and the Valaisan Chief Public Prosecutor,” says the supervisory authority\’s statement. It is a matter of abuse of office, violation of official secrecy, favouritism and incitement to these acts.

Lauber had submitted his resignation after the supervisory authority had already reprimanded him for the meetings and accused him of a violation of his official duties and untrue statements. He rejected the accusations.

[“The secret meetings took place in 2016 and 2017, while the Federal Prosecutor’s Office was investigating Fifa for corruption. Among other things, the investigations are concerned with the awarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russia and 2022 to Qatar. “] [“A predecessor of Infantions is also still under investigation: Since 2015, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting criminal proceedings against Sepp Blatter for the million-dollar payment made by Fifa to former head of UEFA Michel Platini, which cost both functionaries their careers in football. In addition, the BA is investigating the 84-year-old Blatter in the case of a Fifa million payment to the national association in Trinidad and Tobago in 2010. There are suspicions of disloyal management.”]

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