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Former Trump lawyer Cohen allegedly burned book manuscript in prison

The book is supposed to be about sex practices, business with corrupt Russians, conspiracies and murders. All apparently so explosive that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen destroyed the original manuscript out of fear.

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer of President Trump, is said to have burned the original manuscript of his planned exposé book about his ex-boss during his detention Рfor fear it could be confiscated by guards, Vanity Fair magazine reported. When Cohen was to be transferred to solitary confinement in April because of a conflict with another inmate, he feared that prison officials would leak the contents of the 500-page manuscript to the media.

Cohen was apparently concerned that the guards were loyal to the US president and would pass the manuscript on to staff members of the president. On the first night of Passover, Vanity Fair reports that Cohen burned the manuscript in the usual fire lit for Jewish inmates to burn Hametz or leaven products. Cohen’s wife, however, is said to have had access to a backup copy of the manuscript on a USB flash drive, and the book “Disloyal” is scheduled for publication in the coming weeks. “I know where the skeletons are buried because I was the one who buried them,” Cohen writes in an online preface. “From golden showers at a Vegas sex club to tax fraud to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, conspiracies and killings to silence Trump’s secret lovers, I have not only witnessed the President’s rise – I have been an active and zealous participant.”

Beef with all the Trump familyCohen had been briefly released from prison in May and was under house arrest, but was returned to prison for violating parole. Cohen’s legal counsel, Lanny Davis, speculated, however, that the retrial might be due to the former Trump intimus being released in the coming months. Davis told reporters that Cohen had initially refused to comply with the conditions that he was not allowed to talk to the media or publish the book, and that the former lawyer is also involved in a lawsuit with the Trump organization, which has pledged to pay his legal fees during the prosecution by former special advisor Robert Mueller before he resigned. Cohen is reportedly planning to testify before the prosecutors’ office about investigations into the Trump organization and the president’s oldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, and his accountant, Allen Weisselberg.

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