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France and Great Britain: Drones to prevent migration across the English Channel

The English Channel developed into a busy migration route to England. Now London and Paris have signed an agreement to prevent people from crossing.

With a significantly increased police presence and new surveillance systems, Great Britain and France want to curb illegal migration across the English Channel. British Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French colleague Gérald Darmanin signed an agreement to this effect.

In order to prevent the cross-Channel crossings, which have been strongly condemned by the British government, the agreement provides for twice as many police officers to be deployed on the French side of the coast as before. In addition, drones, radar systems and other surveillance techniques will be used in ports and coastal areas. The two countries have agreed to spend 31.4 million euros on these measures, with more than 8,000 migrants crossing the Channel to reach Britain this year alone, according to statistics from the British news agency PA. Hundreds, including children, were intercepted on the crossing to southern England. They often make the dangerous journey on small, unsafe rubber dinghies, and people are killed time and again.

Last month, a family from Iran, including two parents and their children aged 6 and 9, died when their boat capsized in the English Channel. Their 15-month-old son is missing and is believed to have drowned. number of migrants quadrupledThe number of arrivals has increased significantly compared to last year. In 2019, according to PA, only just under 2000 migrants crossed the English Channel. Conservative hardliner Patel wants to tighten the rules for legal migration to Britain considerably in future. “Thanks to increased police patrols on French beaches and an improved exchange of information between our security and law enforcement agencies, we are already seeing fewer migrants leaving,” she said.

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