Kamala Harris: Your career in keywords

From Oakland to the Senate – and then to the White House? The career of Kamala Harris is remarkable. The politician became really famous when President Obama once had to apologize for a saying about her.

Origin and Education: Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California. She has Jamaican Indian roots. Her mother was not only a cancer researcher but also a civil rights activist – Harris always says about her that she had the greatest influence on her life. Harris studied political science and economics in the capital, Washington, and law in California.

Advancement in the judicial system: In 2003 she was elected District Attorney of San Francisco. There she made controversial decisions: During the election campaign, she promised that as a prosecutor she would never seek the death penalty. She kept her promise, but after the killing of a policeman she protested. When she applied for the post of Attorney General – which in the USA combines the positions of Attorney General and Attorney General – she promised to have the death penalty carried out in the new office despite her personal opposition – and once again she kept to it: Internationally, Harris’ name first came across a broad public when Barack Obama apologized. He had praised Harris in 2013 as a brilliant and tenacious lawyer – and described her as by far the most visually appealing Attorney General. Obama was dealing with the accusation of sexism.

Ascension to the Senate: Harris is the second African-American to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016. Her mission is the same as before: to fight for the rights of all people in California. In the Senate, she has proven that she can ask persistent questions and is a problem solver. Criticism is more often voiced that she cannot be located ideologically. Failed campaign: In early 2019 she announced that she would run for the Democratic presidential election. At the beginning she was considered a promising candidate, in a TV duel she clashed with Biden. Her opponents tried to use the law-and-order past against her. Some of her decisions were seen by critics as not being in line with her promise of reforming a “broken” criminal justice system. In December she ended her campaign.

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