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EU Commission urges more safety and protection for LGBTQ people

Germany is making adoption more difficult for same-sex couples, Poland is creating “LGBTQ-free zones”: the EU is still far from achieving equality for minorities. Now Brussels is launching a five-year plan.

Gays, lesbians and other people from the LGBTQ community are still discriminated against in many European countries – even by law. The European Union (EU) now wants to protect the rights of people of different gender identities and sexual orientations more strongly. The EU Commission presented a corresponding strategy paper in Brussels.

The five-year concept deals with the inequalities and challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Among other things, the EU Commission, in consultation with the EU states, now wants to intensify the prosecution of homophobic hate speech and hate crime.adoption law is to be improvedLGBTQ is an English abbreviation that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Often the variants LGBTQI or LGBTQIA are also used. Each letter stands for the own gender identity or sexual orientation.

In addition to the fight against homophobia, one of the aims is to improve the adoption law. The legal recognition of parenthood from the LGBTQ community must be strengthened, the paper says – especially in situations where parents live or are domiciled in several countries across borders. Same-sex couples are particularly concerned in countries where the adoption of children in LGBTQ relationships is not allowed to enforce the right to their child. Germany, among others, still makes it difficult for same-sex couples to adopt children.

The individual points are not binding for the EU states. However, the EU Commission wants to monitor the implementation and take stock in three years.EU paper focuses on Poland in particularIn some European countries there is still open agitation against sexual minorities. The Polish President Andrzej Duda had said during an election campaign appearance in the summer: “People try to convince us that these are people. But it is simply an ideology.” Several Polish communities, especially in the southeast of the country, have declared themselves “LGBT ideology-free” zones.

“I will not rest when it comes to building a Union of equality,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). An EU in which everyone could love whomever they wanted – without fear of accusations and discrimination. Identity is not an “ideology”.

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