Fox News wants to launch streaming offer in Germany

Fox News was once considered Donald Trump’s house station, but recently the relationship with the US president has cooled down somewhat. Now the station wants to expand its offer internationally – and reach viewers in this country as well.

No other news channel in the USA attracts as many viewers as Fox News. President Donald Trump also says he regularly follows the coverage. Now the channel wants to make its offer available to a larger international audience.

As the channel announced on Tuesday, Fox News International will soon launch a live streaming service for viewers in several countries. The service will be available in Mexico on 20 August, followed by Germany, the UK and Spain by mid-September, and station manager Suzanne Scot said she was delighted to be able to offer viewers abroad “access to a trusted source of news and insightful analysis”. For 6.99 dollars a month, the offer is to be expanded to initially 20 countries by the end of the year.

Fox News has long been considered Trump’s in-house channel and keyword generator. The station’s coverage of the president is mostly friendly. On several occasions, the station’s staff also moved to the White House and vice versa. For example, the former Fox News journalist Morgan Ortagus was appointed spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in April 2019. A few months later, former Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders joined the news channel’s team, but recently the relationship between Trump and Fox News has cooled down somewhat. The president has criticised the station on several occasions in recent months. In particular, he disliked the fact that Fox News broadcast the appearances of opposition Democratic presidential candidates at public meetings and that Fox News polls made him look bad.

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