Covid-19: Majority of Germans expect second corona wave

According to a survey, 77 percent of Germans expect a second wave of infections. The danger to their own health is now considered to be higher.

According to a recent survey, more than three quarters of Germans (77 percent) expect a second wave of corona infections in the near future. Only 20 percent of all respondents stated that they did not expect a second wave of corona with significantly increased infection rates, according to the current ZDF political barometer.

In line with this expectation, for the first time a majority (51 percent) came to the conclusion that people in the Corona crisis were behaving “rather unreasonably”. In a survey conducted in June, 33 percent of those questioned (33 percent) were even fewer in favour of this assessment. The majority of respondents believed that the pandemic would be dealt with “sensibly”, with only FDP (52 percent) and AfD (70 percent) remaining.

The risk to their own health was rated higher than last time. Half of the respondents (50 percent) considered their own health to be endangered by the corona virus Sars-CoV-2 – three weeks ago, this proportion had been 40 percent. People over 70 years of age were particularly concerned – in this group 62 percent saw a threat to their own health. In contrast, 49 percent of all respondents said they were “not at risk”.

With regard to the restrictions to contain the corona pandemic, a majority of 71 percent said that the measures did not impose severe restrictions on their personal lives. Among the 29 percent who felt personally “severely restricted” by corona rules were mainly AfD supporters (59 percent).

An overwhelming majority of 94 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of mandatory tests for people returning home, regardless of party preferences. Six percent were against.

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