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Republicans after the US Election 2020: Heroes and Cowards

A few courageous Republicans have protected American democracy from the President’s attacks. This makes the behavior of the party leadership seem even shabbier

Every crisis gives birth to its heroes, and some find themselves in unexpected places. Brad Raffensperger was unknown even to insiders until a few weeks ago. By now every politically interested American should know his name.

Raffensperger is election manager in Georgia, one of the most fiercely contested states in the US presidential election. He is a Republican, Donald Trump supporter from the very beginning and has donated money for the president’s election campaigns. Raffensperger is on the right side of his party and has become a hero because he does his job. He made sure that the election in Georgia was clean and fair. He did not allow himself to be impressed by the fraud allegations that Trump and his supporters repeat without proof. He made sure the votes were counted correctly. The pressure on Raffensperger was enormous. Donald Trump accused him of cowardice. His family received death threats. Both Republican senators from Georgia demanded his resignation in a joint letter.

Cuba, Chávez and ChinaThe lawyer working for Trump at the time, Sidney Powell, portrayed him as the central figure in a conspiracy involving Cuba, the Venezuelan head of state Hugo Chávez, who died seven years ago, and “probably China, too” Raffensperger reacted cool to all this. He soberly realised that Trump had made him the scapegoat. He advised the two senators to concentrate on their election campaign instead of spreading nonsense. And he stated publicly that there was no doubt that Joe Biden had won the election in Georgia.

Raffensperger is not the only one who has proven greatness in this time. In Michigan, it was a man named Aaron Van Langevelde, republican and lawyer, who preserved the integrity of the election process. Van Langevelde is on the committee that must certify the election results to make them valid. Normally this is a formal act, but in times of Trump it is a highly political decision, and the committee consists of two Democrats and two Republicans. Van Langeveldes Republican colleague did not certify the election. Van Langevelde, who is a lawyer for all Republican mandates, did, however, do his duty by saying, “This committee must do its part to enforce the rule of law.”

“Zero Evidence of Electoral Fraud “The Elections Committee for Maricopa County, by far the largest county in Arizona, unanimously confirmed Biden’s victory. The fact that politicians and election officials who do their duty are celebrated in the American media says something about the fragile state of democracy in the United States. The quiet courage of some makes the cowardice of many Republicans seem even shabbier.few Republican politicians in the front row have done the decent thing and recognized Biden’s election without reservation. Senators Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney are among them. “It’s hard to imagine a worse, more undemocratic act by an incumbent president,” Romney said of Trump’s wild allegations of fraud and unfounded lawsuits.

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