Corona-free Channel Island Sark: The place the pandemic did not affect

No masks, no distance, normal school life: The inhabitants of the Channel Island Sark live as if the pandemic had never happened. How does that work? A call to Christopher Beaumont, the island’s seigneur.

The world is struggling with the effects of the corona virus, but on a tiny island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, the 400 or so locals move about as if Sars-CoV-2 did not even exist. No one wears a mask on Sark. Social distancing is no longer a practice. The most popular of the three pubs on the island, the Bel Air Inn, is well filled with guests these days. School operations are unrestricted.

The Oberhauptu202fderu202fInsel,u202fChristopher Beaumont,u202f63,u202fderu202fsogenannteu202fSeigneur,u202fberichtet on the phone, warumu202fdieu202fAmbulanzu202fseines Landesu202fvonu202feinemu202fTraktoru202fgezogen will,u202fdieu202fSarkeru202fkeine income undu202fMehrwertsteueru202fzahlenu202fundu202fsichu202fdieu202fInsel in deru202fKriseu202fdennoch alsu202fzukunftssicheru202ferweist. MIRROR: tourists from all over Weltu202fbesuchenu202fIhre straight malu202ffünf square kilometers kleineu202fInselu202fSark normalerweiseu202fvor allemu202fwegenu202fderu202funberührten nature. Why did the island remain verschontu202fvom Coronavirus so far?

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