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Donald Trump announces new “big lawsuits” against election results

The still-president continues to resist the clear election result: Donald Trump apparently wants to take further legal steps – but his lawyers are already giving in elsewhere.

It seems increasingly desperate. But even in week two after the US elections Donald Trump will not accept the bitter result. Even in his own camp, the voices against the blockade of the White House are increasing.

The US President, who was voted out of office, reiterates unfounded accusations of fraud in the US election and announces further proceedings. He will soon file “major lawsuits” questioning the outcome of the November 3 presidential election, Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday, “Our major lawsuits, which show the unconstitutionality of the 2020 election and the impudence with which things were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!

The Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won the election against the Republican incumbent Trump. Trump continues to deny his defeat and hopes to overturn Biden’s victory in the legal process. Official election officials of both camps have stated that there are no signs of major irregularities in the voting.

In Pennsylvania, the lawyers are backing down. This is also why the Trump camp has suffered a string of defeats in previous attempts in court. And its lawyers have now even watered down a lawsuit against the result of the presidential election in the important state of Pennsylvania. In an update of the complaint, they removed accusations that constitutional rights of Trump-side observers were violated in the counting of votes. Trump’s attorneys sought to invalidate several hundred thousand votes in Pennsylvania on this basis, but the accusation remains that voters of Trump’s Republicans were discriminated against in Pennsylvania because in some Democratic wards it was permitted to correct errors in ballots.

Pennsylvania brings in 20 votes of voters. It takes 270 votes to win, Biden got 306 in the election, and it remains unclear whether the partial withdrawal in Pennsylvania is an admission of a legal impasse or just a reorganisation. Is Trump going to appeal to the Supreme Court? Trump seemed to be appealing to the US Supreme Court on Twitter. “Those responsible for protecting our Constitution must not let the fake results of the 2020 postal vote stand,” he wrote. Trump had made a point of explicitly bringing conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court shortly before the presidential election, also with a view to possible proceedings over the outcome of the election. The Conservatives now have a majority of six of the nine judges there. Three of them were appointed on Trump’s proposal.

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