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Ten board games for the whole family: For entertaining autumn days

Would you like to be mayor or marine biologist, or would you rather hunt slippery monsters? Whatever your preference, we’ve tried out the games that fit the bill.

WHOOSH – The Monster Snappers

Cute monsters are spreading throughout the kingdom. Unfortunately, sharp claws and teeth are hidden behind cute fluff. To prevent the sneaky invaders from claiming more subjects, the king sends the “monster snatchers” of the land on the hunt.

Up to eight players slip into the roles of armed hunters. Three monsters on the table are friendly enough to clearly indicate which weapons can be used to defeat them. Players turn over their Weapon cards and as soon as the correct equipment is on the table, the game begins. The hand that gets the monster the fastest is the one that keeps it, and the hand that gets the most monster points wins. A card game for quick readers, head computers and monster fans. If you don’t like reaction games, leave these monsters alone.Artipia Games; two to eight players; ten years and older; about ten minutes


Again, victory points are the goal of the game. To get them, you need small white discs, which have to be brought over the finish line by your own pieces. Sounds easier than it is.

At the start, everyone can choose how much they want to load their own figures with the harmless-looking discs. Then the dice are rolled in turn. But: Every time you pass another one with your figure, this one gets another disc. If you carry more than eight discs, you are overloaded, have to give up all discs and walk back to the starting point. If you get the hang of it, you can make the whole thing more challenging and unpredictable with additional rules on the backs of the game boards. For those who want to get players to the gaming table whose experience is more in the area of “getting angry with you” than “getting angry with me” – better not! If you don’t like Push-Your-Luck, you won’t be happy here.Schmidt games; three to five players; from eight years; approx. 30 minutes

Natives – Your Tribe

The Indian tribes in “Natives” know how important good preparation is for the coming winter. So every player tries to get the best cards for his own tribe.

Depending on the number of scouts, it is the player’s turn to turn up cards, take one type of card and place it in his tribe. So the farmer can collect corn, the warrior can take prisoners and the shaman can take totems. However, the maximum number of cards is always limited to the number of tribal members in your tribe. For example, two fishermen can only collect two salmon. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. If you like it more challenging, you can add one of the three included expansions. For whom? Game rounds that are still looking for a good nightcap. Perfect for quiet winter evenings. If you find card laying games too boring, it’s better to let others take the lead.cosmos; two to four players; from ten years; about 30 minutes

Attack of the Jelly Monster

The suddenly appearing slobber monster from outer space is quickly sucked out and rendered harmless by the army before it can lay waste to the city. But the remaining lumps of jelly (“Jelly”) turn out to be lucrative jelly samples in which the government shows great interest.

Three to five jelly hunters equip themselves with dice and at the same time try to collect the coveted samples from the city districts by skilfully using their dice results. With a little strategy and luck with the dice, you can outdo or drive away your opponents. Whoever has collected the most samples after four rounds wins. Hectic people, fast players and wildcards.Better not! All those who like it rather comfortable and do not trust their luck with the dice.Libellud; three to five players; from eight years; approx. 15 minutes

Dragon Country

We already know that the old dragon squats stingy on his treasures. The fact that goblins are now also fighting for every ounce of gold on the way to the dragon’s lair is new and extremely annoying. So now you not only have to defend yourself against your adventurers, but also against an unpredictable, green band of thieves.

As with the predecessor “Dragonwood”, players must assemble a powerful troop from the adventurers assigned to them. With these you can then try your luck with the dice in different places and either spy, sneak or storm to get rich. If the dragon gold is also plundered, the game ends and the richest adventurer wins. All those who already liked Dragonwood and are now a little older and more experienced in playing it. If you can’t take a good beating, you’d better leave the Dragongold behind.Game Factory; three to four players; from ten years; 30 minutes


There’s a lot of action underwater. The shimmering reefs around the pirate island of Coralia attract marine biologists from all over the world. With their small ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) they try to preserve the diversity of species, but they are also not averse to lifting the odd pirate treasure.

When it is your turn, you may take one of the four dice from the research station and place it in the reef. There are pearls to discover, you can collect different kinds of fish or use your octopus. The deep-relaxed turtles provide additional help with the choice of cubes and with the diver you can lift the legendary pirate treasures. The one who has brought the most points from his expeditions at the end wins. Families with fun at great play material and water rats.better not! All those for whom a high luck factor does not bring fun.oops!; two to four players; from ten years of age; approx. 30 minutes

Sub Terra

The fact that it is not completely harmless to explore unknown cave systems has surely already got around. But in “Sub Terra” everything that can go wrong will go wrong. The team of researchers falls down a rock shaft and is now stuck in unknown territory. The flashlights won’t last forever and to make matters worse, a nasty creature is lurking in the ramified caves. Let’s get out of here!

To get back to the daylight, the game is played cooperatively over several rounds. In each round, different phases are dealt with and of course there are more cave-typical unpleasant surprises lurking. Flooding, collapse, gas explosion, everything that makes the way to the exit more difficult, happens. The good news: There are different levels of difficulty, so even inexperienced explorers have a chance to be rescued. Up to four intrepid team players with a sense for the scary. Lone fighters and all those who are not so familiar with narrow, dark, wet caves.gravity; one to six players; ten years and older; approx. 60 minutes


It’s a bit silly that the only scientist who can save the world is in a coma. The fact that his brain was additionally damaged in an accidental experiment is not very helpful either. The players are now supposed to dive as comanauts into the bizarre dream world of Doctor Strobal and save him from his inner demons. All in the hope that he will wake up again in the end and save the world from destruction.

As in the successful game “Lord of Dreams”, a book is the focus of the game in “Comanauts”. However, this time there is no stringent story that the players have to follow on the pages. Here, each adventure can be played in any order and as a single game – for whom? Friends of complex game rules and wild story snippets will get their money’s worth! All those who expect a causal story fit better here.Plaid Hat Games; one to four players; from 14 years; about 60 minutes

Crown of Emara

The tranquil kingdom of Emara is looking for an heir to the throne. Wars, uprisings, famines, all this has not been known in Emara for a long time. The king and his council agree: Only those who succeed in successfully settling immigrants in the capital and who put the welfare of the citizens in the foreground of their efforts are worthy.

This positive attitude is also noticeable in the course of the game. You cannot attack your teammates directly. Merely snatching away individual bonuses makes for minimal nastiness, but that’s it. The game consists of two game plans, which represent the kingdom with country and city. The winner is the player who manages to settle the most new citizens and at the same time has built them enough accommodations. Quiet strategists who like to plan their moves and want to play in peace. If you prefer to annoy your fellow players, you will miss the interaction here.Pegasus; one to four players; from twelve years; approx. 45 – 75 minutes


Steamopolis, the city of engineers, has lost its mayor. Players are now competing for the post. But since the citizens of the city are not easy to impress, they have to build the most complex airship of the city. Banners, machines, gears, steam and much more are available for this purpose. Everything feasible, if it weren’t for the annoying competition.

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