Coal-fired power plants: the world reduces coal-fired power, China cuts back

For the first time in a half-year, more coal-fired power was switched off than added worldwide. A trend is continuing. And: Armin Laschet in Greece

In Germany, 17 percent of electricity is still produced from coal. Eight other EU states, however, have already abolished coal-based electricity. A new study now confirms that the EU has good values: Its share in the worldwide decline of coal-fired power production is large. For the first time in the first half of 2020, more coal-fired electricity was switched off than added. All countries are making efforts to reduce the share of coal-fired electricity, only China is continuing to expand its power plants. Coal is one of the main causes of global CO2 emissions. Fabian Scheler discusses the study published today with Alexandra Endres from the political department.

After the so-called Freedom Day in Berlin, the debate about possible restrictions on the freedom of assembly continues. A CDU interior politician brought up possible bans. The AfD took the side of the demonstrators who had caused an interruption of the anti-corona demonstration by numerous violations of the hygiene regulations. Also topic in the podcast: Armin Laschet visiting Greece.

What else? Ugly and a danger to biodiversity: gravel gardens are banned in Baden-Württemberg.

Moderation: Fabian Scheler

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