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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Another Lawsuit by Donald Trump Team

The next bankruptcy in court: The Republicans’ attempt to have all postal votes in Pennsylvania annulled also fails. Donald Trump nevertheless wants to continue to fight the election results.

In the wrangling over the outcome of the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump has suffered another legal defeat in the embattled state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump’s Republicans against the election results.

The plaintiffs had called for postal votes to be declared invalid – or for all votes cast in the state to be annulled and the decision on the winner to be left to the state legislature, and the judges unanimously rejected both demands, including the “extraordinary” proposal to “disenfranchise” all 6.9 million Pennsylvanian voters. The suit was formally directed against a 2019 Pennsylvania Postal Extension Act that Trump’s lawyers called unconstitutional. The judges, however, dismissed the complaint as untimely because the law had been in effect for more than a year.

Democrat Joe Biden had won the Pennsylvania election by a margin of about 81,000 votes. Last Tuesday, the state officially confirmed the results of the presidential election and Biden’s victory.

Trump’s campaign team had gone to court against Biden’s election victory in Pennsylvania, but had already suffered several defeats. As recently as Friday, a federal appeals court had dismissed a lawsuit against the allegedly unfair vote because no evidence of electoral fraud had been presented. Trump responded to Twitter – unreasonably: the number of contested ballots was far greater than Biden’s 81,000 vote lead. The decision will be appealed against. Twitter marks the statements, as so often, with a warning: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Still not admitting defeat in the electionTrump has still not admitted his defeat in the presidential election on November 3 and claims, without citing any evidence, that there was massive fraud in the vote, but on Thursday Trump announced his withdrawal from the White House for the first time. When asked if he would leave the White House if the electoral college elected Biden as the new president on December 14, the president replied, “Sure I will.”

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