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Theresa Lachner: “You can also celebrate how you feel”

[“What is Theresa Lachner’s lvst principle? The author and podcaster talks about her empowerment, toxic partners, belly fat memes and why sex is never told. “]

First the biggest German-language sex blog, then a sex book, now our own sex podcast: Theresa Lachner is our guest. She has been talking about sex instead of about him for almost 11 years. Lvstprinzip she calls her projects, the blog as well as her autobiographical book, in which she pursues the question: “What is that today, a free woman – and what does that have to do with sex? (this is how the journalist and author Meredith Haaf aptly summarized it). And recently Theresa has also started a podcast on Oh Wow, which is of course also called Lvstprinzip.

What moves this woman? Get to know Theresa, with us, the doctor and sex therapist Melanie Büttner and with Sven Stockrahm, the Vice Head of Knowledge and Digital at ZEIT ONLINE. Theresa talks to us about sisterhood, empowerment and body neutrality. She talks about toxic relationships, her personal way out of them and what touches her, always curiously explaining about sex and sexuality.

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