Corona measures: Bavaria introduces compulsory masks at schools

Schools in Bavaria are to be prepared for regular operation after the holidays with a four-step system. Depending on what happens in the corona, the obligation to wear masks will become stricter.

In the new school year a compulsory mask will be introduced at Bavarian schools. It will apply up to the classroom – even in elementary schools, said Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters). So far only one such requirement has been in place.

The obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover is part of a four-step system. This is based on the level of infection in the respective regions. The goal after the summer holidays is regular operation under special hygiene conditions, said Piazolo.

School classes start in Bavaria on 8 September. “The motto for the new school year will be: as much teaching as possible with as much health protection as necessary”, said Piazolo.

If an increased incidence of infection occurs regionally, the schools there may also need to return to distance learning from home – the fourth stage. In stages two and three of the system, the first step will be to make masks compulsory in class, followed by stricter minimum distances.

Class trips lasting several days are prohibited until at least the end of January 2021. In addition, all teachers will be offered a voluntary series test. However, according to Piazolo, this will not be mandatory.

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