Belarus: Security forces shot at demonstrators

At least one person was allegedly injured: During protests following the controversial election victory of President Lukashenko, police in Belarus used firearms against demonstrators in a town.

During the protests in Belarus, the police reportedly fired live ammunition at demonstrators. Firearms were used in the protests in the city of Brest in the southwest of the country, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Wednesday. At least one person was injured.

According to the report, the use of firearms occurred on Tuesday during protests against the controversial re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. “A group of aggressive citizens with metal bars in their hands attacked police officers in Brest”, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior claimed. In response, firearms were used to “protect the life and health” of the security forces. “Since Sunday’s controversial election, opposition supporters have taken to the streets nationwide. Police brutally used rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators in the capital Minsk. On Monday, a demonstrator was killed when an explosive device exploded in his hands, according to the government.

Already more than 6000 arrestsOn Wednesday there were further protests, during which more than 1000 people were arrested. According to authorities, 50 people with injuries were treated in hospital. In addition, 14 people in uniform were injured. Some of them should have been taken to hospitals. Seventeen cases are now under investigation for attacks on the security forces, bringing the total number of arrests to more than 6000 in the past few days. Since Sunday, people have taken to the streets every evening to protest against forgery in the presidential election. These are the largest protests the ex-Soviet republic has ever seen.

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