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Poland – Protests against tightened abortion law: “We are being tortured”

Activists like Justyna Wydrzynska are protesting in Poland against the tightened abortion law. They demand: women should be allowed to decide about their own bodies – a sacrilege in the Catholic country.

Justyna Wydrzynska had an abortion. This is what the mother of two teenagers says quite openly. Two years ago, she and two of her female comrades-in-arms even put themselves on the cover of the Warsaw women’s magazine “Hohe Absätze”, headline: “You are not alone”.

These days she is almost always present when Poles take to the streets against the tightening of abortion laws. The national conservative government, through the Constitutional Tribunal which it dominates, had brought about a decision that virtually bans abortion completely. Wydrzynska is one of the founders of the initiative “Abortion Dream Team”. The organisation advises Polish women who are considering having an abortion with medication at home or abroad.SPIEGEL: “Abortion Dream Team” sounds a bit frivolous, as if abortion is a fun thing to do. Do you want to provoke the catholic forces in Poland?

Wydrzynska: It’s possible that some people will see this as a provocation. But that is not what we have in mind. “Abortion Dream Team” once called us a journalist, we stuck to it.

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