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USA: Joe Biden will correct Donald Trump\’s policy “from day one”

Expectations are high, and so are announcements: Joe Biden’s chief of staff promises that the Democrat will immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Convention and improve the protection of migrants.

The elected US President Joe Biden wants to reverse various political decisions made by Donald Trump on the very first day of his term of office. “We have a lot planned for day one,” Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain told NBC television on Sunday. Among other things, he said, there were plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement immediately.

The protection for the young migrants called “dreamers” would be improved again immediately, and measures would have to be taken to improve health protection. Biden can initiate the steps after taking office on 20 January in the form of presidential decrees: Trump had – to great fanfare – withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement. He also tried to abolish the programme that protects “Dreamer” migrants who came illegally to the USA as children with their parents from deportation.

At the same time, Klain emphasized that Biden is already preparing measures against the corona pandemic for his term of office and is consulting with scientists, among others. However, his options for action were still limited: “He is not the president.” There is not much Biden can do about it except call on President Trump’s administration and local authorities to act. “That will change on January 20th. “but we are now in a crisis situation that is worsening.

The renowned US immunologist and corona expert Anthony Fauci said that the Trump government’s refusal to acknowledge Biden’s election victory also hinders future activities in the fight against the pandemic. The GSA is still not giving Biden’s transition team the green light to work with government agencies. Especially for the ongoing work of the coronavirus working group in the White House, it would be better to already work with Biden’s experts, Fauci told news channel CNN. Trump had not attended meetings of the working group for months, Fauci said – but added that the President would be informed by Vice President Mike Pence.

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