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Zlatan Ibrahimovic angry about “Fifa 2021”

May EA integrate Zlatan Ibrahimović into its football game “Fifa”? If the star striker has his way, he has a say in the game. The company refers to deals with the players\’ representatives.

The special attraction of the soccer simulation “Fifa” has always been the ability to control your favorite team, your favorite players. This is no different in the current version “Fifa 21”, which was released in October.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, star of AC Milan, is not very enthusiastic about it. He wrote on Twitter that EA Sports had made him a part of the game without his consent and blames the players’ association Fifpro (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels), the striker, not known for his restraint, wrote on Monday night: “Who gave EA Sports permission to use my name and face? Fifpro? I’m not aware that I’m a member there, and if I am, I became one through some weird maneuver without really knowing it. And I certainly didn’t allow Fifa or Fifpro to use me to make money.”

And Ibrahimović added: “Someone has been making a profit with my name and face all these years, without any agreement. Time to investigate.” That he is part of the “Fifa” series is something Ibrahimović has certainly known for some time – why he is only now asking the questions remained star Gareth Bale, currently on loan from Real Madrid to Tottenham Hotspur, answered Ibrahimovićs Tweet with the words: “Interesting. What is the Fifpro actually?”

EA Sports said on request: “To create an authentic gaming experience year after year, we work with numerous leagues, teams and individual talents to secure the rights to integrate players’ looks into the game. This includes a long-standing relationship with the worldwide association of professional players, Fifpro, which has partnerships with a number of licensors and negotiates deals that benefit players and their unions”.

In August, the company reached an agreement with the Milan clubs Inter and AC, starting with “Fifa 21” and including the representation of the players of both clubs.

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